About #ReachOut Hamilton

About the #ReachOut Awareness Campaign

Young people in our region are thinking, talking and sharing about mental illness and addiction together online and offline.

As part of the #ReachOut campaign, St. Joea��s is asking young people to imagine what it would feel like to be part of a new generation of people to access mental health care services without fear of stigma. The response to this call for dialogue and sharing is building momentum.


You should never be trapped A�| A�Artist: R.M. Spalding

Title: Conquer It
Artist: Amanpreet

Conquer it A�| A�Artist: Armanpreet


A life of change A�| A�Artist: Tara

The #ReachOut Exhibition

First, a small group of young people from across the city gathered and created an art exhibition to begin the conversation. The result became the #ReachOut Exhibition, created in collaboration with young Hamiltonians to promote St. Josepha��s Healthcare Hamiltona��s Youth Wellness Centre, a safe environment for young people to receive expert care for mental health and addiction issues.
The art created for the exhibition tells both stories of individual experience combined with illustrations of how the Youth Wellness Centre will help break down barriers to mental health care in our community; all with the goal of encouraging other young people toA�#ReachOut.A�The #ReachOut Exhibition launched the campaign alongside the opening celebration of the centre in March 2015. Currently, the exhibition is on display in St. Josepha��s Healthcare Hamiltona��s Youth Wellness Centre.

Get Involved: Draw it. Write it. Snap it. Share it.

Young people are beginning to use their voices and social media intelligence to join St. Joea��s as we break down barriers and re-imagine mental health care in our community. At events, in classrooms and on online, young people will be adding to the #ReachOut conversation with pop-up exhibitions of their own and by adding their voice to a virtual collection on social media using the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

You can get involved by sharing the youth created messages that encourage young people to #ReachOut on social media.

Over the next year, St. Josepha��s Healthcare Hamiltona��s Youth Wellness Centre will also be engaging our community partners who serve young people throughout the city to participate. If youa��re interested in learning more, let us know on Twitter @ReachOutHam.

#ReachOut Video

Q&A: #ReachOutHamilton

“How did St. Josepha��s Healthcare Hamilton engage young Hamiltonians when developing the Youth Wellness Centre and creating the #ReachOut campaign?”

When preparing to open the Youth Wellness Centre, St. Josepha��s Healthcare Hamilton not only invited young people to provide feedback and inform our programming decisions; we also enlisted their help with defining the best way to get the word out about the centre to their peers.