“I want to be the person I felt I needed when I was younger”

Mackenzie first sought help at the Youth Wellness Centre in 2016 after the death of her mother. Since then, she has been accessing peers support and counselling.  Watch as Mackenzie shares her journey:

The Youth Wellness Centre is located in the heart of Hamilton and serves youth aged 17-25 on their mental health journeys. It is a safe space for underserved populations throughout Hamilton by offering trans-affirming services for youth struggling with mental health and substance use, including sexuality and gender identity. Pride month, while a celebration, is also a time when issues and gaps in our health and social service system are at the forefront of peoples’ minds. Wherever you are on your path, the Youth Wellness Centre is here to help any time of the year. Peer support workers with lived mental health and addiction experiences will walk beside you. A Youth Council made up of current clients works to inform and improve services throughout the city. Registered social workers and healthcare professionals will help connect you to what you need.

We’re here. Reach out. Get help.

If you’d like to learn more about the Youth Council, contact Jordanna at jlaman@stjoes.ca.

Are you a youth struggling with your mental health or addiction, contact the Youth Wellness Centre for support, stjoes.ca/youthwellnesscentre. If you are someone in a mental health crisis, click here for a list of 24/7 crisis support.